TSM Systems solve operational, safety and security issues on Superyachts

About Us

TSM Systems is an engineering-led business, developing products for the marine and superyacht industries to help captains manage operationssafety and security. Preventing loss of a Charter and loss of Tender or Chase Boat. Providing a system with pre-emptive information and alerts to the bridge. On a private network with no reliance on cellular. Backed up by Iridium.  The perfect guardian for remote places and various weather conditions.

Combining technical and systems expertise with real-world superyacht engineering experience, TSM products address and solve important problems, and are quick to install and simple to use.

Designed in line with insurance needs to allow greater flexibility with towing at night and lower deductibles. This forms the advanced towing plan

Our Technology

TSM products are built on our proven “Next generation tracker” technology platform, developed through strategic partnerships with advanced technology companies and manufacturers around the world:

  • TSM DataTraq units operate across the new VDES marine VHF spectrum for ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore and ship-to-satellite, with the flexibility and reliability to provide privacy, increased range, high speed data and faster tracking speeds.
  • TowPro is TSM’s launch product from this platform, and will be followed with a an add-on for jetskis and life jackets (TowPro Fleet) – enabling captains to stay in contact but providing privacy for users who do not wish to be publicly visible.

Our ‘future technology’ program applies the latest research in deep learning to our knowledge of photonics and high-performance compact camera systems, in order to provide solutions to critical superyacht operations, safety and security.