May 26, 2021

Educational webinar for superyacht captains on advanced tow protection  – watch it here

A collaboration between insurers and yacht captains has resulted in an Advanced Tow Protection plan and the development by TSM Systems of TowPro.

Superyacht captains and other interested parties were invited to learn about the new standardised tow planning process, Advanced Tow Protection (ATP). 

The process reduces tow risk, giving you much greater peace of mind when towing, and it may attract insurance benefits such as reduced towing restrictions. 

You can watch the webinar here; you will also learn about the new TowPro ATP on-board technology, which effectively gives you an extra set of eyes on the boat. As the product is recognised by an increasing number of insurance underwriters, installing it can also bring insurance benefits. 

Moderated by Colin Squire, the owner of Yachting Matters, the panellists on the webinar are:

  • Paul Miller – Distinguished insurance underwriter
  • Grant Thompson – Experienced captain
  • Paul Hailwood – Marine Surveyor
  • Vincent Geake – TSM Systems, CEO
  • Nigel Atkinson – Etouch, Marine Installer

The agenda comprises:

  • Intro: Background to ATP and why it’s interesting
  • Colin Squire
  • Concerns today: Why everyone worries; the inconvenience of insurance restrictions
  • Captains: Roger, Grant; Insurers: Paul Miller
  • Conclusions of ATP: What people want and the regulatory context including AIS
  • Paul Hailwood
  • Introduction to TowPro ATP: How it works
  • Vincent Geake
  • Ease of TowPro ATP installation: How quick and easy it is to use
  • Nigel Atkinson
  • Best practice Tow Plans: Standardised tow plans
  • Paul Hailwood
  • Summary & questions
  • Colin Squire
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