TowPro is an exciting new product to help captains protect their tenders and chase-boats when under tow:

  • continuous monitoring of the tender's position

  • immediate awareness of loss or failure

  • recording of last known position of tender

  • operation of COLREG lights

TowPro: Peace of Mind

A major worry when towing is to look out and find that the tow has failed and the tender is adrift

Why rely on periodic observations by watchkeepers when TowPro is continuously on the alert?

TowPro is always watching your tow, and triggers immediate alarms on the bridge:

  • If the tender goes adrift

  • If the AIS or battery fail on the tender

In poor visibility or darkness, TowPro automatically activates tender COLREG lights and strobe on the tender, making it clearly visible both to the crew and to other vessels

TowPro: Complete Tow Protection

Insurers look for tow protection throughout your tow:

  1. BEFORE an incident occurs, constantly monitoring the tender's vital signs giving captains a view of the tender's health

  2. WHEN an incident occurs, triggering immediate awareness on the bridge to minimise risk and delay

  3. AFTER an incident occurs, making the tender visible to aid recovery, and warning other vessels to protect from damage

TowPro gives you tow protection throughout your tow

TowPro and Insurers

Captains and insurers recognise there are risks associated with towing, and that damage or loss causes financial cost for owner and insurer, disappointment for guests, and problems for the captain

Insurers require captains to provide a Tow Plan to enable the insurer to determine the insurance coverage they will provide. TowPro enables the captain to demonstrate they have an effective Tow Plan which reduces their insurance risk