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TSM Systems, Pantaenius, and Boote Polche are discussing the topic of tender/chase boat towing and the insurance restrictions surrounding it. They are also exploring the capabilities of the TowPro system, which offers monitoring of the towing process, including on and off towing, and allows for flexibility in towing at night and in various conditions.

One of the key advantages of the TowPro system is its ability to provide monitoring and control capabilities during nighttime operations. This feature enables towing operations to be conducted during low visibility situations, improving overall safety and efficiency. Additionally, the system’s flexibility in various conditions ensures that towing can be carried out effectively, regardless of weather or sea conditions.

In the context of insurance restrictions, the TowPro system can play a crucial role. Insurance providers often have specific guidelines and requirements for towing operations due to the associated risks. By utilising the TowPro system, TSM Systems, Pantaenius, and Boote Polche can demonstrate compliance with insurance regulations and mitigate potential insurance-related issues.

Overall, the discussions between TSM Systems, Pantaenius, and Boote Polche are focused on leveraging the TowPro system’s monitoring capabilities to enhance the safety and operational flexibility of tender/chase boat towing, particularly during nighttime operations and in various conditions

MY Loon Captain Paul Clarke
My Loon Captain Paul Clarke talks about TowPro

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MY Loon. December 2023 TowPro talk 8 minutes in


Demo kit showing ‘Start a Tow’


December 23 – Windy – Sweden.

Dan has been working along side the team with a new SLR60 – having TowPro put on for point of purchase.  This is now a great option.  Dan has been doing the same with Ribeye and Vanquish